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At WorkLoft we stand for connection and inspiration. We strive to create a space where people from different sectors can collaborate, share inspiration and resources, and be a part of our community, with networking events and more!

That is why a community manager is always ready for our members to put them in touch with companies and people from the WorkLoft network. At WorkLoft we organize community events such as lunches, drinks, but also knowledge and networking events. Moreover, we set up great deals and events with partners especially for our community members. In addition, our coworking spaces are beautifully decorated with enough space to meet, inspire and grow.

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Welcome to WorkLoft

Welcome! My name is Anne and I am the founder of WorkLoft. After working from and for 40+ coworking spaces worldwide, it was time to give my own vision of coworking a location. With my own hands – and a lot of help from others – I have renovated the building where WorkLoft is located and transformed it into a coworking space that could just as well be your second living room. WorkLoft is a place where you can work, but above all where you can meet and connect in an informal setting. 


If there's one thing I love about my job, it's stretching my mental muscles. Especially in an environment that allows me to come up with new ideas and projects and to push the boundaries of my creativity. That is exactly why I love coworking spaces so much. As soon as you walk into a location with a strong community, you feel the pure energy of opportunity, of everything that is possible. Of everone who is working hard to achieve their goals and to grow. To innovate, to launch. Together and alone, as a company and as a person. To create the perfect environment for that ambition and mutual connectivity, isn't that the best thing there is?


Care to share your vision on coworking with me? Or would you like to connect? Feel free to e-mail me at anne@workloft.nl or connect with me on LinkedIn. Talk soon!

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What others say about WorkLoft

Anne Post
Anne Post
Studio Anne post
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WorkLoft is a very beautiful and pleasant place to work flexibly: whether you want to sit at a work table or plop down on the couch with a notebook. There is plenty of choice and space! I was present during the opening and Anne (host and owner) immediately made me feel welcome. The way in which WorkLoft is set up also ensures easy contact with other entrepreneurs. All in all it was a pleasant work day. (Google Review)
Nathalie van der Linden
Nathalie van der Linden
Utrecht Photo Challenge
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Last week, I joined a coworking day for the first time and WorkLoft exceeded my expectations! It is very beautifully and hip decorated and you have different rooms where you can work from, so you can choose where you prefer to sit. I didn't know anyone before I came to work there, but everyone was open and everyone took the time to chat in between work. It's great fun getting to know fellow entrepreneurs and exchanging knowledge. We ended the day with a beer in the sun and the atmosphere was relaxed and positive. Anne is super helpful and approachable, and creates a good atmosphere. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to work somewhere else. By the way, you don't have to be an entrepreneur, there were also people who work remotely as an employee. Until next time at Workloft! (Google Review)
Floris Janssen
Floris Janssen
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Top location in Utrecht for flexible working. Anne is a great host and she has made this office a real gem. Chill vibe, meeting nice people and focused work! (Google Review)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is coworking exactly?

Coworking basically means that an office or other work environment is used by several people who are self-employed or work for different employers (e.g. freelancers, home workers, people who travel while working). The spaces and facilities are shared. Community building, which creates a communal atmosphere for sharing ideas and knowledge, is an important factor at WorkLoft. By hosting events but also organizing the rooms in such a way that there are spaces to connect and work together, we aim to nurture the mutual atmosphere and cooperation. We strive to create a space where people from different sectors can work together under one roof, share inspiration and resources and be part of our community with networking events and more!

Is a coworking space a better solution than renting a traditional office?

For many smaller companies or freelancers, the cost of renting a traditional office space can become too high. Think of the fact that you not only have to pay a rent per square meter, but also service costs per square meter, internet, furnishing, cleaning, coffee and tea, a printer, a meeting room and so on. A coworking space offers the possibility to rent a workplace where you can use facilities such as a printer and meeting room, without incurring the full-time costs. Still need your own space? In many coworking spaces you will also find private offices, at WorkLoft you will also find office spaces from 1 person. This gives you the benefits of a traditional office, including internet, printing, a kitchenette and lounge area, without all the extra overhead costs.

What can I expect from a membership at WorkLoft?

At WorkLoft we offer many different options to meet the needs of you and your company. We have memberships with a duration of one month, and offer the option to book a flex desk or meeting space by the hour. We also have different subscription types such as a flex desk for 1 day a week, a flex desk for 3 days a week, a fixed desk for 5 days a week and private offices from 1 person. All memberships include:

  • Unlimited free coffee and tea
  • Internet
  • Cleaning of the communal areas
  • Cosy community space
  • Kitchenette
  • Printer
  • Community events such as lunches, drinks, workshops, and seminars
  • A community manager who actively connects you to entrepreneurs and companies within the WorkLoft network
  • Fun extra benefits such as discounts and deals with partners, and exclusive events

Do I need to be a member to work at WorkLoft?

Anyone can come to WorkLoft to take a tour of one of our spaces. If you want to use the facilities, there are costs involved. Pay by the hour if you want to work from a flex desk for a couple of hours, or rent our meeting rooms by the hour. 

What happens if I, as a member, want to invite an external company or personal for a meeting?

That's possible of course! With your membership, you get a certain number of free meeting room hours per month, where you can meet with smaller groups. Need extra hours? As a member you receive a 20% discount on the rental of meeting, training and event rooms.

Can I bring food into the coworking space?

At WorkLoft you are welcome to bring your lunch and snacks to the office. We have an equipped kitchen for common use, where you will also find a refrigerator, coffee, tea and more. There are also a number of restaurants and takeaways just a 5-10 minute walk from the space!


Do you have a question or would you like to come and have a look at WorkLoft? Feel free to contact us.

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